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GLX overall vision is to endeavor to apply and promote pragmatic solutions that are agile and nimble and driven by knowledge transfer to enhance areas that are marginalized by socio economics challenges.

GLX Service Delivery Model will encompass: Creating an environment and value system that will be a catalyst in inculcating global citizens through the knowledge delivery and application methodology.

GLX has vast experience in this field and is poised to draw upon combined synergies by partnering with other Foundations and Agencies to distribute tools and applications including treated mosquito nets for malaria control, yielding on the benefits of effective and centralized distribution. A central point of distribution that is targeted towards immediate impact areas, thereby giving the entire value chain the optimum effectiveness in operating costs, as well as reducing distribution errors and duplications.


Now more than ever, we need to redouble and escalate our activism in dealing with the malaria as it has taken too many lives for a disease that is entirely preventable. We need newer approach with a cost effective malaria eradication perspective, clear vision, and bold strategy.

In this regard, GLX has spent years in developing simple and practical solution customized to the region to combat Malaria and is actively supporting the Foundation’s work in the region. This vision of success is beyond our most optimistic dreams, but it is only the beginning.

We are focused on comprehensive solutions which will create sustainable actions aimed at preventative disease control, including:

  Effective sanitation
  Promoting good Hygiene
  Sustained basic cleanliness
  Integrated pest management
Striving to operate with utmost care and concern for the environment.

Quick Facts about Malaria

  300-500 million new and severe cases occur each year
  Over 1 million people die yearly of this largely preventable disease
  9 out of 10 cases are found in sub-Saharan Africa
But we can't fight this fight alone... read the full statement

The Vision
GLX will endeavor to promote practical and cost effective solutions to reach the heights of highest health standards in a pluralistic society and in the regions of its operations.

A little Introduction...
GLX Innovations and Technologies Inc. the leader in "GLX Arco Pestology", pest management processing solutions has recently expanded their team. New positions have been established for the new territory in Africa with its offices in Zanzibar for not for profit work in the area of sales, marketing, and reseller development.

Overall Objectives
One paramount priority objective will be to work for the Prevention of Diseases Communication by way of instituting Pest Management, Compliance of Regulatory standards and Knowledge transfer that touches the development of Adults and Children.
Keeping in view the challenges of disadvantaged segment, materially challenged, encompassing low level of hygiene and sanitation, lack of education, the incidence of diseases, the lack of access to the medical diagnosis and treatment, GLX, the Foundation, intends to establish a charity organization by the name of GLX (Good Living & Xtra (Extra - GLX).

Operations and Scope
The administrative office with an Educational Institute at Zanzibar with sub offices in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Donor offices in Canada and USA locations of cities under review. GLX is a non- Governmental, non-political and non-ethnic charity organization. The organization will work in multidimensional of Health, Education and Socio-economic rehabilitation, beside help prompt self-development in the fields of developing and nurturing values of harmony and good will. The Foundation will endeavor to deal with all relevant issues that impact the lives of so many infants with malaria and other fatal diseases, due to lack of sanitation caused by more due to lack of common sense preventative observations.

Finding Solutions
GLX will use instruments and take measures that are capable of effectively integrating ecological aspects into product policy and effecting significant change in product design towards creating sustainable solutions. These solutions are aimed at promoting the "creation of goods and services using processes and systems that are non-polluting; conserving of energy and natural resources, economically viable; safe and healthful for employees, communities and consumers; and socially and creatively rewarding for all working people" Hence, GLX will seek out to promote Good Living in the fields of preserving good hygiene, good environment, encourage and innovate quality living.

GLX will set up working groups on priority product policy tools to drive aspects such as increased market share for green products, coordinating and providing access to product information.


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