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The foundation is centered on the Island of Zanzibar, commonly known as "the spice island", it is a maritime tropical climate with two seasons of heavy rainfall. This combined with inadequate sewer and drain systems creates the ideal conditions for mosquito breeding.

Going after the source
Malaria exists in 100 countries but is mainly confined to poorer tropical areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America. More than 90% of malaria cases and the great majority of malaria deaths occur in tropical Africa. Plasmodium falciparum is the main cause of severe clinical malaria and death.

Top priority objectives will be to work for the prevention of disease communication, this can be accomplished by way of instituting a regimen of Pest Management, Compliance of Regulatory standards and Knowledge transfer.

Providing targetted education for adults and children is essential.

Getting the message out
Mosquitoes and other insects become more prevalent with bad sanitation. Hospitals and other medical establishments are places of healing, but it is unfortunate that due to insect prevalence they become places of disease. This is a serious concern, and there are effective solutions available.
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