ECO GLX Innovations & Technologies Ltd.
Founded in 1982, GLX Innovations and Technologies(Canadian entity) is a leading pestology company and a pioneer in the field of proprietary arcopestology and its applications and products in the North American market. The company announced a ground-breaking innovation in 1996 of a alternative pest management technology solutions comprised of deploying unique methodology of structural protection built-in the construction of new properties.

Eco GLX Innovations and Technologies Ltd. is an international entity based in Zanzibar.

GLX or Eco GLX Innovations and Technologies Ltd. sought new and better sources of the environmentally friendly pragmatic strategies. The effort culminated in 1996 has allowed GLX to be the leader in the field of technical development in Arco-pestology and manufacturing of high quality pesticide products, tools and applications. GLX has been in the market for the past 25 years providing its products, tools and applications. It has also private labeled its key line products under private label for notable companies.

Ten years of research in the creation of designs has culminated in delivering a range of products, tools and applications in structural variances for pest management

Today GLX has more than 23 applications and products that are in use by architects and engineers in the construction of new facilities which has resulted in a formidable shield and extended protection against pests, with value added benefits to the preservation of the environment and reduced use of toxic chemicals.

ECO GLX Innovations and Technologies Ltd. is a sister concern of GLX Innovations and Technologies Inc, a subsidiary of Natural Propellant Inc is a 31 year old company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

GLX has developed proven unique patented systems GLX ARCO PESTOLOGY platform and automated metered systems. This Canadian based technology unparallel and unique in the industry.

The product line of includes applications for Food Establishments Industry, Supermarkets, Hospitality Industry, educational facilities and Medical Establishments. We also specialize for new construction projects of housing estates and apartment building.

By utilizing multi-dimensional approach – GLX offer products and technologies for existing facilities, facilities under construction and brand new projects ready for construction.

Many of the clients use both ‘ready to use’ product line (trademarked in Canada “Bugcon” brand name) as well as technologies (brand name “GLX”) for their existing facilities, but prefer long tern benefits offered by GLX ARCO PESTOLOGY application.

All three applications offered by GLX ARCO PESTOLOGY are customized featured products. In all cases - the aspects of this unique and virgin technology reflect each client's specific requirements to yield maximum benefits, cost effectiveness and extended reduced expenses in the maintenance of the property or facility, besides offering quality regulatory compliances.

GLX customers, from existing facilities and projects, use the services and offerings for responses to quality management of their sanitation and pest management. The cutting edge methodology insists on 20% chemicals, 40% on compliance of specific guidelines and use of proper tools and application: habits and practices and balance of 40% of structural improvisations.

GLX INNOVATIONAS AND TECHNOLOGIES has a highly sophisticated program of education for even the educationally challenged. Knowledge transfer and creating managers to create high caliber of sanitation and pest management is a second phase offering of the company for existing operations like hotels, resorts, hospitals, property management clients. The program offers additional phase of periodical audit and upgrading.

Eco GLX Innovations and Technologies Ltd. is a global arcopestology solutions provider that develops innovative, high-quality, proprietary technologies and products that supplements highest health and sanitation standards and environmental initiatives in the global warming era. The offices, research laboratories and production facilities are in located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is currently seeking opportunities in international markets. Our website: Media may contact:

P.O. Box 63529, Woodside Sq. Mall at 1571 Sandhurst Circle,
Agincourt, Ontario M1V1V0
Tel +416 800 7371 (Canada)
Tel +255 777333133 (Tanzania)
P. O. Box 3345 (Zanzibar)


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