Dr. Amir Gillani
President & Founder Recognition

Mr. Shamash Kara
Co-ordinator (Canadian government, Trustee & Strategist)

Mr. Moez Walji
Co-ordinator & Co-founder (International affairs, Trustee & Strategist)

Mr. Amani Ibrahim Makungu
Co-ordinator (Memorial Hospital Project)

Mrs. Zakia Mahmud Kombo
Administrator (Education Projects)

Ms. Stella Hunter
Co-ordinator (Ontario Professional Sanitation & Pest Management)

Dr. Alykhan Somani
Secretary (Resident Executive Administration)

Mr. Zul Kassam
Co-ordinator (Ontario government)

Dr. Diamond Charania
Co-ordinator (Ontario Medical Community)

Mr. Nurul Jamil
Co-ordinator (International chemical manufacturer)

Mr. Alan Jinah
Co-ordinator (Hospitality Affairs)

Mr. Firoz Nagji
Co-ordinator (Canada West)

Dr. Sikandar Khan
Co-ordinator (Alternative medicine & Physiotherapy projects)


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