Milestones of 2007/8/9

April 2009:
Founder's contribution of $147,000 US cover costs of operating and capital financing of the interim phase.

February 2008:
Incorporation GLX Foundation Zanzibar.

February 2008:
Constitution of GLX Foundation/ Registration as functional NGO

February 2008:
Establishment of Offices/ Warehouse Facility

March 2008:
1. Arrival of containers of donations for schools and hospitals from Canada
2. Major items of Donation included Hospital and School Equipment, Furniture & Fittings, Computers, Printers and other office items. Other Equipments, hardware and food supplies.

May 2008:
Collaboration with ZACEDO (Zanzibar Culture & Education Development Organization)

April 2008:
Zanzibar Govt.'s invitation to the Africa Tropical Malaria Program (WHO initiative, letter page 3)

March 2009:
Partnering with Hon. Kamba Foundation


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  Milestones of 2007/8/9

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