Our Thanks

For your continued contributions of Educational, Hospital, Sanitation, Food, Computers, Paints, Insect control etc... other items, including your TIME & EFFORT.

  Dr. David Smith
  Dr. Abdul Hashim
  Bruce & Joyce
  Bedessee Imports
  Durham Education Board
  H & S Building Supplies
  Craig Willoughby-Lloyds Laboratories
  Mr. & Mrs. Muhammad Visram (Eagle Foods)
  Ms. Fatma Amin
  Mr. Nazimudin Aziz
  Zahur Ramji
  Mary & Vinod(Offset Reproductions)
  Montague Graphics
  Abdul Sultan Madhani
  Rina Bhanji
  Dr. Burhani Othman Simai (Food & Drug,Znz)
  Ms. Khadija Shaaban (Min.ofHealth,Znz)
  Mr. Ismail Charania
  Azmina Pirani
  Dolly and Badur Mawani
  Farida Giga
  Meena Kassam (Western Gen. Hosp. Toronto)
  Ike Somani
  Diamond Ladha
  Gulnar Lalji Nanji
  Hector & Ester
  Haji Abdulhamid(Karume College, Pricipal)
  Ibrahim Makungu and Family.
  Amin Muhammad Momin
  Naureen Ali
  Shainaz Tochee (Merck shipping)


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