How we started?

GLX Innovations and Technologies, Canada, under the guidance and control of its founder, Dr. Amir Gillani, has over 30 years of established Research & Development (R&D) in pesticide formulating and technology business. The Company has earned a solid reputation for innovating and promoting educational program for the prevention of infestation of diseases caused by insects. Dr. Gillani has been successful in transferring knowledge utilizing his vast experience in promoting new and varied approaches in tackling emerging challenges of disease control, for example, in situations of new emerging deadly crisis like West Nile Virus, SARS, etc in North America. GLX under Dr. Gillani's expertise created education programs emphasizing sanitation, good hygiene and responsible pest management involving preventative methodology, sensor technology for automated insect eliminating systems solution. The program positively impacted all stakeholders from medical professional, staff and operators of their institutions, to actively pursue preventative measures guided by GLX's Research & Development and knowledge transfer thereby placing emphasis on accountability in their area of governance. What is intended for Zanzibar is replica of the model created by Dr Gillani for the control of Malaria and other communicable diseases.

Three years prior to launching a pilot project in Zanzibar, Dr. Gillani started the process of assimilating the key components of the R&D, and it was at that juncture that Mr. Moez Walji worked in collaboration with Dr. Gillani to formulate the "Critical Thinking" for the establishment of GLX Foundation in Zanzibar. Emanating from constructive dialogue between Dr. Gillani & Mr. Walji, Mr. Walji completed the blue print that comprised of strategic planning, sustainable development and growth ideas in a concise and clear manner. The idea was to develop the project in Zanzibar using the Synergies drawn from Dr Gillani previous work and experiences. Resulting from this valuable exercise the initial communication package and long term programs were formulated. Mr.Walji's significant contributions at the inception stage and up to today have been very valuable and are greatly appreciated.

Hon. Mahmud Kombo, Minister of Information was deeply impressed with the program. He extended his support and collaboration. It was his efforts that won GLX Foundation warmth, cordiality and support from the Zanzibar Government. With his help Dr. Gillani was able to receive the acceptance of the Foundation from the Registrar of the Zanzibar Government, by February of 2008.

GLX Foundation operates from facilities that comprises of two unit of 2500 sq foot of space in a highly visible area in Zanzibar. In order to bring the facilities to international standards, extensive improvements and renovations have been undertaken to the reception area, office, conference room, workshop, show room, mezzanine floor rest area, washroom and shower. Offices have been adequately furnished with Equipment and Furniture. The exterior has also been renewed with Signage and Logos for Visibility and Brand Promotion.

The Foundation is indebted to Ms. Khadija K. Shaaban, Senior Planning Officer, Planning and Policy Department, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for her outstanding and valuable contribution in developing the collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Ms. Shaaban is currently involved in setting up the Memorandum of Understanding between the Foundation and the Ministry of Health to further the scope of the cooperation in areas of Malaria eradication.


Contributed By: Nurul Jamil, Executive Coordinator & Consultant to GLX Foundation
GLX Foundation works in partnership with communities, health systems, government and non-government agencies, academic institutions, local and international organizations to ensure good practices that support the delivery of effective services. Together, we work to establish a healthy environment conducive for the detection and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases. Especially targeted are groups mostly at risk using innovative and unique educational preventative strategies.

We support capacity building and development through strengthening of the health care systems, maintaining resource centre for communicable diseases and working with countries to assist the development of comprehensive national malaria control strategic plans. We support capacity strengthening through human resource development working with regional and national initiatives. We are also developing approaches to link malaria control with that of other communicable diseases. Our strategies involve the technology of "knowledge transfer" with lucrative incentives to create long lasting preventive atmosphere.

We engage non-governmental and community-based organizations to create a new generation of malaria champions and activists who are well resourced and empowered with preventive strategies. We are also helping to unify civil society voices and actions to ensure that more vulnerable groups receive effective prevention and treatment interventions.

  Increase the delivery of services to hard-to-reach populations and vulnerable groups.
  Increase coverage with preventive interventions of the poorest populations.
  Improve access to effective treatment for those populations most affected and reduce mortality.
  Improve capacity in partner countries and organizations to control malaria & communicable diseases.
  Advocate for an increased and improved response to malaria & communicable diseases.
  Create powerful innovative long lasting preventative strategies with practical motivational impact
  GLX Foundation supports and co-ordinates with international institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
  Promoting awareness and motivating prevention


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