Volunteers from educational and medical institutes to promote GLX program
The expertise and international experience in the area of eco friendly pest management technologies, including preventative technical “know how” and sustenance in the institutional facilities has enables us to deploy robust and cost effective solutions in Health Care setting. In our research we have found that these institutions need to be managed from the preventative side to arrest malarial or other infectious escalation. In this region the lack of adequate sanitation and pest management in Hospitals is one of the major issues. We have selected the region carefully to roll-out “high impact –low cost” solutions.

The area of hygiene and pest management including containing the mosquitoes has exasperated the problem of Malaria in the region.

Now more than ever, we need to redouble and escalate our activism in dealing with the malaria as it has taken too many lives for a disease that is entirely preventable.
Now more than ever, we need newer approach, cost effective Malaria eradication perspective, clear vision, and bold strategy. GLX Foundation has spent years in developing a comprehensive solution customized to the region to combat Malaria.
The GLX Foundation’s campaign has earned the support of the Government of Zanzibar for Malaria eradication solution and has adopted a priority Campaign to End the Malaria and is seeking your support of the donations to bolster this cause and the actions to impact the region.

This vision of success is beyond our most optimistic dreams, but it is only the beginning.
The Foundation will be enriched by your assistance in its mandate of curing for malaria in targeted sectors of Africa. We are seeking collaboration and liaison with your organization to source volunteers for our Foundation. In this regard, please confirm the availability of human resources volunteers who are prepared to undertake the assignments in administrative, field and general activities. We would be delighted to compliment volunteer’s study and work experience credits as earned with our program.

Training Program
Training of the staff and volunteers shall be a very important aspect of our project. There will be a very comprehensive training programme for human resources in order to bring them up-to-date with modern technology and be more efficient in their day to day activities with thorough knowledge of GLX Philosophy and Strategies. GLX has a comprehensive training strategy for the hospital and medical personnel.

The Foundation will prepare training manuals for the team leaders. GLX Philosophy modules will be prepared. Kiswahili and English templates of communications to the Foundation hospital members will be organized.

The Target
The goal is to provide high-quality products and services to meet the highest health, sanitation and environmental standards. Therefore, different medical institutes and individuals will have the opportunities to enjoy the services from this project.

In Zanzibar, specifically along the coast and the Stone Town there are many government and private hospitals, which in most cases are in need of maintaining their environment to keep them safe and free from diseases and other hazards.

The Foundation will promote to the hospitals and other medical facilities new products, techniques and applications which are harmless and environmentally friendly.

GLX methodology Standards are based on very structured and comphrehensive actions that encompasses optimization in enviromental friendly chemicals in minimum quantities , knowledge transfer and prevention. The robust technology patented solutions exclusively researched and developed by GLX , "GLX-Arcopestology" will be deployed for the structural improvisations of existing and new facilities to prevent pest entry and discourage pest inhabitation.


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